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The dark side of Virgo in Astrology (humor) Ermehgawdmy WHOLE family are Virgos. The Dark Side of Aquarius Astrology (Humor) - I can't agree totally.
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The Dark Side of Each Zodiac Sign

They thrive on being able to assist and support those who need it. They can create order where none exists, going about their work quietly and efficiently.

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They can be pedantic and stay focused on one point which may narrow in their thinking and they need to be aware of this. The Virgo constitution is more delicate than most and often the stress of striving for perfection can see them suffer intestinal problems. Over work will cause them to react physically and they quickly learn that to maintain their stamina they need to pace themselves and look after their bodies. They are incisive, analytical and practical in their thinking patterns.

They are not necessarily visionaries often fail to see the bigger picture. When confronted with a problem they will instinctively break it down into small pieces analyse it and find solutions. They want to know why something is the way that it is.

The Dark Side of Every Zodiac Sign

You never want to be unprepared and caught unaware. You can get stubborn to the point where you won't give, even if giving in is in your best interest. You want to be right so badly that you'll dig your heels in until it's painful. Your bullheadedness takes you to a very dark place in your soul and by being intractable, you've damaged relationships, lost loved ones, and have even compromised your health. You are a brilliant liar; in fact, you're so good at telling lies that you start to believe them yourself. Sometimes you tell lies just for the fun of it or to see the kind of reaction you get, while other times you tell outrageous lies to see if you'll get away with it — surprisingly, you usually do.

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  • When you get possessive, it's as if a whole other side to your personality comes out. You seem to forget everything to hang on to the person you want to hold on to and it even changes your personality. You're so focused on "yours" that you forget everything and everyone else. You're controlling, suffocating , and unbelievably needy. You hope that wherever it's held will be able to hold the hundreds of people who are going to want to attend.

    Should you limit the eulogies or not?

    Darkside Zodiac: Virgo

    Most people, when looking at you, would be shocked to know what you're fantasizing about. Sure, your imagination can get a little kinky, but the question is how much of those fantasies do you put into practice? You eat up stories about murder, especially if they involve serial killers.

    You would see how many Virgos often live lives that rob themselves from full happiness and contentment because of this mental construct that they set up for themselves.

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    6. Dark Virgo.

    Among the many Virgo personality traits that drive people crazy, this one is very special. In other words, make a quick decision and commit to it.

    The Dark Side of Virgo. – Zodiac Sphere

    Unfortunately, one of the most irritating and most negative Virgo personality traits, especially when it comes to work settings is their inability to commit quickly. How long does it take to realize that you love the person and you want to take the relationship to the next level?

    Dark Traits of Virgo Zodiac Sign

    How long does it take for you to read the manual and then commit to the work project? How long does it take to read the syllabus and commit yourself to particular section that you will contribute to your study group? This is one of the most irritating of Virgo personality traits.

    Finding and Keeping the Virgo Man

    Unfortunately, this is one of many Virgo personality traits that really drive people crazy. Do you have any thoughts of your own on the most annoying and negative traits of the Virgo star sign? Username or Email Address. Search Search for: Search.

    Darkside Virgo

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