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If the Sag is mature enough there's probably not even any real malice there, just sort of 'good luck with your life but I don't wish to interact anymore,' but to me that is reserved for rare extreme cases, and what you describe doesn't sound like that. Sometimes I've drifted apart from someone, again no malice, just an' our train tracks used to run side by side but now they've veered off in different directions, so good luck with everything' sort of thing. Though, again that doesn't sound like what you described. I meant what I said that Sag-Aqua disagreements seem to get resolved well, and easier.

Which makes me think you could still warm up to this person, and it might be quickly be forgotten that there was even a rift. Also we can make things all the more complicated by the fact that the Sun sign may be the star of the show, but there is more going on with charts than just the Sun sign.

My Mars is in Libra, so I guess imagine Sag energy with being even-keeled and non-confrontational not in a passive-aggressive way but just in a 'peace,man' way when it comes to aggression or conflict. Not all Sag's have Mars in Libra though. I forget all the possibilities but they could have it Sag, or Capricorn, or even Scorpio-picture Sag baseline energy but with a more of a dark watery bite when it comes to aggression.

I wonder if it's why I'm quite the horndog too. But that is quite another topic, and now I'm just rambling about myself. So that may have been no help, but if this Sag individual is acting foolishly towards you then I'm slightly embarrassed of them and will try to talk sense into them at the next meeting. As another poster said, I feel like am the happy sign, usually upbeat, optimistic and like to laugh and have meaningful conversations. But beneath that brightness is a steel rod, rub me the wrong way, insult me, abuse my good, trusting nature one too many times, I am gone usually without an explanation.

I am just done with that person. It's that cold. I attribute this ability to being able to operate on an intellectual plane more than an emotional one. Back to Virgos - I find them utterly insufferable narcissists, who focus on the "weeds" and are basically boring. I don't respect them therefore they don't matter much. Avoid them at all costs. Scorpios are mean, messed up with horrible tempers. Great lovers but beyond that, they are brooding, dark types who can't seem to shake off the need to control and dominate.

Harsh R We are reliable, and therefore maybe better in the later years. Does one follow from the other? Let's analyze that. Glad I'm not seeing a lot of Libra in the answers, we're a bit indecisive and neurotic sometimes but not the worst. Virgos are judgmental and tend to hold a grudge a little longer than necessary. I fell in love with one once and they were no walk in the park but high-quality as a person and really smart and neurotic.

Virgos do hold grudges, but we eventually get over it. Taurus leads in that department, in my personal experience.

Predictions for 2018 by Renowned Puerto Rican Astrologer and Psychic Walter Mercado

The light-sided among you have heart-stoppingly beautiful smiles, lovely hair and give the greatest hugs. It's the same with Aquarius, my sign - for every one of us that's like a pure fountain beatific, enlivening, a source of life knowledge there's fifty Aquarian people like foetid stagnant pools suffocating, poisonous.. This thread isn't titled 'which Astrological Sign is the best' We Virgos can be picky, cautious and critical, but also sociable, charismatic and curious, since along with Gemini we share Mercury as our planetary ruler. I just notice it being that we're the more introverted version of the more extroverted Gemini.

Plus my own rising or moon sign or something is Aries, so my humbleness is somewhat balanced by a Diana Ross-ability to cut any backup spotlight-stealers who try to get in my lifestage way. Never met a Scorpio that was sane. Have fucked a couple and they were extremely average in bed. Also, very stupid; really unintelligent. Geminis are tough. They can be the most amazing people one day, and make you feel great about yourself, and then be very mean the next day.

I'm speaking from the experience of working with Geminis. I never dated one. Bill Clinton and Obama are both Leos--so, there's your charismatic leader thing and the happiness in the spotlight. Donald Trump is a Gemini definitely flippy-floppy with Leo rising--i. Cancer women and Pisces men. I have so many Virgos in my orbit, and though they can be hypercritical fussbudgets, they all have good qualities as well and are protective of Leos. The love of my life was a Virgo but he was hardly perfect.

The exception for Virgo women is my landlady. The most miserable, mean-mouthed, petty, carping harpy, and jealous Hera who ever lived. Her husband, who is a Sag, is just as miserable but he also lies and has a sadistic streak. He's also henpecked to death. Spends his days off doing household chores. Neither one of them have any friends. Their 36 year old son lives with them. A reaaal mama's boy. Veddy Freudian. Pisces men are pathological liars and can be real gossipy little bitches yet extremely quarded and evasive when asked about anything personal in their own lives.

Most likely because they cheat, cheat, cheat. Spineless and wishy-washy describes them to a T. Insanely jealous and manipulating and overly emotional to the point of insanity. Real pains in the ass. R Correct. Virgos are uncanny, preternatural, and ethereal beings. You could never hope to woe one. My worst experience was with a virgo, he seemed very talented, intelligent and level headed, rational and fair but there was a lot of anger within which he tried to hide. So the whole rational, reasonable, honest attidude was mainly pretence. Also he had the smallest cock.

Because Geminis are very flaky and have short attention spans. They will forget if they like or loathe you. They really only like themselves and will put their own comfort and contentment ahead of all else. I still miss my Aunt as a presence in my life. Virgos aint shit. Don't make it one's mission to get a Libra "off balance" no matter how "shallow" or "reasonable" we may appear. I wonder what happened to Thatcher, Kim Kardashian and Ms Paltrow to get 'em so convinced of their "correctness".

Nothing worse than an uptight Libra who doesn't know that they are or haven't been told. Leos are cool if you have more than they as a friend , like your own company and appreciate "friendship" as opposed to "codependency". My lifelong friend is Leo and we have always had a "mature" friendship which doesn't have to state boundaries and can go with periods , quite long of not seeing each other without snivelling and its like we just saw each other yesterday when we do link up. Only know one pisces. Lovely on the surface, but a right slag heterosexual male, father of four, one of whom is an "outside child".

Aries like to banner wave on behalf of people that they don't know, but haven't got any finesse in dealing with "family problems". Fuck off. Never would have thought that they were mother and siblings to my uptight, secret keeping, privacy invading father. Geminis are okay and are "manageable".

Then again I say this after being brought up by a mother who was Gemini Sun and Moon.

I am hard to lie to or intimidate as a result of THAT. But they do have a weird relationship with veracity. I can see where Libras can be a pain for others. We live in the world of "sensual". I feel for the ones who are lazy, but wanting, but they got to know to only put their hands where they can reach; or put their shoulder to the wheel. Idealism without work is entitlement.

No sane fucker likes that types of person in their lives , unless their self esteem is in their shoes or they have "narcissistic altruism" syndrome. I see how Aquarius with their lack of behaviour, called "eccentricity" can be horrible to their nearest and "dearest" but manage to charm the witless majority, or are very good at shedding and getting new acolytes to fool. And they aren't as "intellectual" as they claim or others claim on their behalf.

They just know how to "word salad" and talk vague with key words. Ghetto Intellectuals all of them. Don't care what type of "ghetto" it is. They can make dunce people feel good about themselves without the need to learn. Thats' a skill, I suppose. Capricorns are money grabbing , but style it out beautifully. Don't bother being jealous of them. I have yet to meet one in life who despite real hardship, didn't manage to get out of it. They are the least dull of the Earth signs. It's like they have been installed with a battery that no other set of people have that is as efficacious.

I've observed that it is just not worth getting in a group with them if you have "control issues" or have to be the leader of the pack at all times. If my brother is anything to go by, fuck a Taurus. Capricorns are the only Earth sign with a damn. We won't talk about Scorpios. But they can sex as if they are doing God's work, but without being "godly" wink! Conclusion; Virgo is the worst. At least Gemini show the batshittedness of their personality within five minutes flat. It's on you if you fall for their charms or not. I thought R's post was depressing.

Finding terrible flaws in everyone And people say Virgos are critical. Had bad sex with a Taurus, a bad experience with a virgo bad personality. So far Cancer was best It was a thankfully very brief 2 week emotional whirlwind. This person happens to be top dog in the company where I work. So, it was heady stuff.

R, so you've known each other for a while at work? Are you going to have to do the whole avoidance thing now? They are rough and just plain nasty and toxic to be around. They kiss ass with superiors though and as a result have been in supervisory roles. They have no idea how to deal with anyone else though. I assume it must be something else in their chart causing this since libras are known for being charming. Taurus women. The worst lesbians because they're like dudes. Not men but fucking dudes. They're cocky and bossy and sentimental. R funny you say that.

My Taurean childhood best friend is FTM currently starting transition, and she has been a lesbian in denial as long as I can remember. She has always dressed like a little lost-boy or a cartoon character. On the playground she used to push me around and try to run my life and would get all pissy if I wanted to play with other kids or be on my own, but felt no compunction about ditching me to salivate all over the popular girls if they threw her a scrap of pity and paid attention to her.

She was an insecure mess in arrested-development from the crib and I don't think transing is gonna help her any but hey, she can wear 'boy clothes' now rme. Will never date a Gemini man again…finally learned my lesson. An Aries man broke my heart, and Virgo and Capricorns are marriage material for me. Gemini females make the best buddies, Pisces women the worst. Leo men are intriguing and Cancer women difficult to understand. Scorpios are for sex, sex, sex! If we're talking sun signs, technically it's Libra and Aquarius, since the sun is in detriment and fall in those signs.

I don't think it indicates unpleasantness. I myself have Aquarius Sun but also Aquarius Saturn Rising, so my Saturn essentially takes the position my Sun should ideally hold and substitutes it. I have a Capricorn Mars of course, in exaltation bolstered by an aspect to Jupiter as well. The way I see it is And in terms of seasons, it's when the days are starting to get shorter aitumn equinox and the dead of winter. Sags and Scorpios, crazy sex addicts. They are always on the prowl, yet they all claim they want to be in serious relationships!

Libras don't cheat in the conventional way - that is to say that they don't cheat on their significant other. That said, they have no qualm about being the other party to cheating. In other words, they're the ones that cheaters are cheating with. Aquarius, Sags and Libras. I find Libras to be evil. I'm a Virgo and we are our own worst enemy at times.

If we love you though, we LOVE you. No half measures. Taurus drags you down to their bed. The flip side of being sensual is that they are not terribly exciting. Water signs will try to give you what you want, air signs will be creative, and fire signs will be passionate. Earth signs just kind of wait for someone to wander over. Most of my close friends have been Pisceans. My family is filled with Leos, but the relative I'm closest with is a Sagittarius.

Aries are disingenuous, especially when it comes to money, they'd a kill parent or their own child over money. Such greedy bastards and evil users! R, I'm a Virgo lesbian and the best sex I've had has been with three different Sag women. Not a match for a relationship but who cares. I miss those fucking nutjobs.

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Leo, because we always kick. Or "talk our way through life". I love Leo women. You're the boss, for sure, but you really are charming and sexy so go shine, Leo. I can't remember why as a 9 year old I was so ashamed of something so obscure and dumb but there ya go perhaps because my grandmother and aunts who I disliked were the same Sun sign? I accept it far more easily now and I'm happy that's the sign I was born under even if it did present some challenges.

It also tends to make a person look younger, be a more determined and authoritative personality and gives a dry sense of humor that can help the sometimes-awkward and dour Saturn as far as charm goes. I see and hear a lot of myself in her, especially comments she has made about "committing to [her] career", using dark humor as a coping mechanism, needing a lot of time alone and "not liking to waste people's time" even on social media.

They also expect others to adapt to their compulsive ways, as they are selfish and manipulative. Thank you fellow Sag r Virgo I am dealing with is sneaky, abusive, bad-tempered, ruthless and bordering on full blown sociopath. He is my boss and the manipulation is exhausting. He is constantly flirting, and making sexual comments. Never seen anything like it. R mte buddy! I just want to relate on an open truthful human level to make things work better for both of us at her business, but all she chooses to do is steal wages from me and keep secrets about how badly she's running things then blame me the lowly junior peon for her compulsive fuck-ups.

It isn't my fault she's awful with money, ass-over-heel in debt, that her husband abuses her and that she is starving for approval from others but she tries to make it my fault every day. All she seems to care about it keeping up with the Jones's and maintaining her shaky castle of sand built next to the country club, stepping on anyone's head to do it. She also badmouths me to our customers and even once tried to get a hex put on me by a local gypsy fortune-teller not realising I am a pagan 12th Houser who knows protection spells, hahaha.

She's literally one of the worst women I have ever met in my life, and if that nasty diseased harridan didn't owe me a couple grand I'd be paying her dust and forgetting her name right now. I feel sorry for her most of all, that she has lived so long as the person she is and will die that way - rotten inside.

It's a shame every other Virgo is like this. I will say that my one of my best friends in MS was a Virgo Sun too and she was an angel, gorgeous like a model and very kind but humble and down-to-earth with it. She was by contrast almost painfully honesty and really made it her business to act like someone with integrity and realness. Virgo here. Obviously, you had a friend who was nothing like your boss, so we're not all like that.

Your boss does sound horrible. Can you find a different job? I hate manipulation, but I see how Virgos would be good at it. We can read people well. And if you can real people well, you can also manipulate them. Are we selfish? I am not nearly as generous as my mother who is a Pisces. But I would never ever not help someone when I'm in a position to help - I don't even need to be asked to help. My mother, sister, and I are all Virgos and we couldn't be more different for the most part. What we have in common:. Good mimics we read people well and nail the essence pretty well Analytical and can structure an argument or a plan or an itinerary Hate sloppiness in any sense Solitary.

Sags are compulsive sex addicts. While in relationships, they think think nothing of having side pieces, not just one, several. Both men and women Sags cheat. Sex with anyone, anytime and anywhere should be their motto. Most Virgos are anal retentive control freaks. I haven't met one who wasn't! Some are easily swayed by other opinions and sometimes cannot think for themselves. Aries are money hungry, they will stab their own partners, children and close friends in the back if it meant they could step on them over a job or inheritance.

They don't even hide what they're doing! I'm counting on her colossal Ego and her love of social novelty i. While she is vicious, vindictive and outrageously smart as well as petty? I like to hope it's not in her to put in effort to compile a database to fuck me over which is more a Capricorn thing. But as a Leo I demand loyalty and they Always end up being two -faced bastards.

The worst. All the Sagittarius I know are party people. R my sister is a Pisces with a Leo Venus and she's very sensitive. She'll cry and stamp her feet and whine at a pindrop, and gets upset over a change in the weather or a slight disturbance in routine she's Virgo Rising too. But she's not into substances at all, and she's a zealous non-smoker and very moderate drinker. She even sneers at her coworkers who do coke and pop Xa n every weekend. Tbh she's more of a Jovial old-world Pisces remember the sign was originally ruled by Jupiter who likes to dance and fuck and tell stupid lame jokes and get fat, rather than the stereotypical nu-Agey modern Neptunian Pisces who is usually portrayed as a strung-out depressive weirdo mess who cannot function in a normal life with civilians.

I have to stay more or less ascetic in most senses because I know if I don't I'll fall through the looking-glass and down the rabbithole. How can these signs be on the cusp? They aren't anywhere near each other on an astro chart! Or do you mean as a couple? They supposed are toxic for each other. If the Sag is extremely intelligent, they manipulate a confused flighty Gemini.

Yet both feed off each others insecurities, until they relationship simply blows up. Neither seems particular serious, both are basically using each other until someone better comes along. Sag tries their hardest to keep Gemini down, especially if the Sag has a more successful career and more money that the Gemini. Besides being cheaters, Sags are control freaks. Tell more about Taurus please. I am currently dating one and are they all so slooooooooooooow moving? How they feel about you.


Trying to make a relationship with them. It's like they act like they have all the time in the world. I waited about a month before bailing out, R I started feeling foolish, because I didn't know how to read the Taurus. Taurus are procrastinators, yet not when it comes to themselves. They want something, they buy it, they have to fix something, they do it,. Yet, if they have to do something for someone else, forget it. They are extremely self-centered, even when it comes to their partners or their children.

Leos are the worst, no argument. If you're a Leo and this offends you, it's because you think you're the center of the universe and this blanket statement directly impacts you. All fax, no printer! And that Gemini in that relationship is always a stand-in for the headstrong Aquarius that Sagittarius truly originally wanted but couldn't break. Aquarius tore the damn post out of the ground to get away fast enough. I'm a Virgo female and I drive myself fucking nuts.

I make Beth Jarrett look like Dean Wormer's wife. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't impose my psychotic attention to detail on my friends and coworkers, but I'm afraid I do. I can't help it. Being a Virgo is a tough job. There is the crux of it, R Virgoan, as I have explained to my controlling Capricorn mother many a time. If you don't do it, eventually either someone else will or it won't be done at all and the wheel keeps turning. This tells us a you actually aren't the only competent responsible task-oriented person on Earth, more just the only one fixated on efficiency, or b the task has no actual major import to anyone besides you, and perhaps said procedure could even afford to die off or be subsumed into some larger broader function.

A Virgo I once was hot for was very smart, very friendly and fun when things went well, but he was also a judgmental prick. Also neurotic. He also had a little cock. You get the drift. Astrology can give us tremendous insight into a variety of things about a man. What he finds beautiful, how he expresses his emotions, how he dresses, etc.. But can astrology determine whether your…. The signs who really bother me are Leos who have to center themselves in every conversation and Libras whose insecurities manifest as insincerity.

Uncut Astrology Weekly Horoscope: Aug 24-30 2016 Mars/Saturn Conjunction, Mercury Retrograde Virgo

But the worst are fucking pathological Geminis. Virgos are the worst, the absolute worst. Hateful, judgmental, controlling prisspots. Every one of them. R is onto something. Generally, I find Taurus friends to be generous people the ones I know like to connect people they know and they are good hosts , but when you actually ask them for a favor they won't do it.

And you need not ask twice. It won't happen. They're giving only with what they want to give. It's odd. Virgos are the least self aware and most self centered of the signs R They feel no remorse. They screw you over and do it while smiling all the while. They are consummate liars and they always cheat while in serious relationships. They are usually very attractive, super intelligent and extremely charming. Lots of successful people are Sags.

At first you can't resist their charms, the more you get to know them, you can easily see through their bullshit. Then the ball is in your court, you decide if you want to stick around and be their doormat. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Which Astrological Sign is the Worst? I vote Leo. We are. My expiriance? Leo and Cancer women.

Whiny psycho Pisceans! Two faced Geminis, hands down. Leo or Gemini Virgo. Doesn't this stuff get complicated because it's not just about the sun sign? Leo or Gemini. Needy attention whores. How about a whiny psycho Piscean Goat, then? The Virgins. Either Cancer or Sagittarius. Capricorns come a close second!! Controlling, stubborn, belligerent. Capricorns are just cheap as hell, and they think it's cute.

Virgo and Scorpio. Passive-aggressive manipulators and psycho nutbags. R12, am not, am not! Which astrological sign is the most likely to believe in astrology? I vote for that one. Leo and Scorpio. Stroke a Leo correctly, and he'll shower you with affection and largess. If one has problems with Leo's, one is probably a needy cunt. There is nobody greedier than a female Libra, and nobody more arrogant than a female Gemini. Aries, every time. Scorpios have a sting in their tails Geminis have split personalities and can be two faced.

I'm Aries. Pisces get into ruts and can't find their way out. For some reason many of my best friends are Capricorns. They're rather mild characters. What's all the fuss about? Worst sign for women? Capricorn, Virgo Worst sign for men? The intellectual level of this site just took a nose dive. Why not create a poll?

Birth Chart Queen of Egypt Farida (Virgo) - Zodiac Sign Astrology

I agree with Leos and Virgos. Scumbags, the whole lot. Tauruses come in third worst. Taurus will be your best friend as long as you don't ask too much of them. Geminis are nice just not reliable.

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Sag are entertaining but complete assholes. Both signs bond deeply and steadfastly, and both understand the concept of family loyalty and exclusivity of feeling. She will follow his pace naturally, which gives the relationship a great degree of comfort. Scorpio, you can relax and be yourself with her as much as you ever do.

Sex in this combination can be excellent because of the degree of intimacy involved. Both of you will feel you can be trusting and safe with one another. With this unconditional love flowing back and forth, you can explore feelings in connection with your sexuality. It is not likely to end, but if it does it can be extremely painful.

Click here for your Free Numerology Reading. Hey Nancy, thanks so much for this. I can honestly relate to this. My pisces ex boyfriend and I shared a very intense relationship but his alcohol habits ruined it. I feel comfortable, secure and happy with him. But, we do not share much in common compared to my Pisces ex, my scorpio does not make me feel like he IS the one, which worries me because it is very improtant to me. My ex has been trying to contact me recently and I am really torn between these two gentlemen.

Please do help me with some advice! Im dating a scorpio right now and this stuff is almost dead on, I model and he has said things he would and wouldnt be comfortable with because im his and certain things are for him…lol…i think its cute though…anyways the bedroom stuff is right on… he is near insatiable and loves to make sure that i and everyone else knows it… i.

I met my Scorp about a month ago on the job; he was my photographer and the connection was immediately there except he acted on it after we parted ways. He is young, very successful and internationally known in his field which intrigues me.. I am difficult to intrigue but he does it.

I can't understand actions such as him not calling or texting when he is away. Thus far he's been gone twice 1 for personal family reasons which he said he wanted me to be the 1st face he saw upon his return but clearly just a figure of speech and we saw each other immediately 2 days later our sche conflicted for sooner. He is gone this 2nd time practically back to back, 2 wends for work and the same: before he left, we had a great evening dining out and enjoying one another's company but he just doesn't call or text or even email!

I know we spoke of immature girls he'd been with in the past and that if he were to date someone it would have to be a mature woman but he said I was astonishingly all of that but I just don't know how much I am these days. He seems to have more faith in me than myself haha. I don't know, should I talk to him about being incog while away?

I do understand how much his personal space means to him but it seems silly to not communicate like that…I am all about c-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-i-o-n. I have never been so insecure about a relationship! I've spent the last 2 days researching our compatibility which seems outrageously stalkerish yet I am doing it! OMG if he ever knew! I think for his young age he is very focused and grounded. Am totally confused when he acts one way while with me in person can't stop kissing me, touching me…telling me he's never been that much into kissing but can't stop touching me…saying he has a lot of respect for me and think I ma brilliant, very sexy,and quite attractive …Ahhh, just everything seems perfect then he doesn't communicate.

I love my scorpio boyfriend he puerto rican muscular tall with brownish green eyes he say he love how petite iam cause he can be protective over me he call me his chocolate mami cause im black but he is so protetive and jealous he told me hes not ok with guy being all over cause i have lots of male friends he hate when they talk about how sexy iam he wanted to fight one of my home boy cause he say that he can have me anytime but i love how protective he can be and jealous he look so sexy when he mad everytime we around our friend he hold me the whole time just to let my male friends know that im his no one elses but when we in the bedroom he be doin abunch of stuff to me that are too much for others to know he love pleasing me in bed he make sure im satisdied he love to eat the p..

By the way ima cancer thats why i cant get enough of how protective and jealous he is it turns me on. Diamond you are illiterate. I only attract water signs but feel more like a fire sign…whats up with that? You can never compare your scorpio to a pisces because that would be unfair to your man.

But i have never regretted my decision to marry my husband. He gets me like nobody else does. All I can recommend from experience is that you understand that your scorpio will always and I mean ALWAYS want to untangle himself from you from time to time and go recharge. Good luck with your relationship and I hope for all the cancer women and their scorpio men out there that the situation works itself out.

Well guys i dunno how u do it! Am crazy about this scorp guy.. I have never felt that with any man. He has returned to me both times, so I know he wants me — on what level exactly? I do, however, want to stay involved with him and patiently wait to see where this leads us. How can I, a cancerian woman, overcome my insecurity? I was married to a Scorpio for seven years. I get along best with Leos. I am in love with a Scorpio man. When we are out, he makes me feel like I am the only person in the room.

Others in the room will leave because they said it looks like we needed some time alone…lol…we were only talking…guess you can feel the love and intensity coming off of us. In the bedroom…oh, in the bedroom…the intensity begin before we even get home. The way he looks into my eyes and he holds me…. Canserious … In high school a Scorpian found me… I too am a Cancer woman.. I had just broke up with another guy and was hurt..

Long story and not necessary to share… My scorpian guy came on strong with me and I ran… I broke his heart but dont do it again… yet he was in puppy love or love with me right away.. Long story and not necessary to share… My scorpian guy came on strong with me and I ran… yet he was in puppy love or love with me right away.. I was involved with a scorpio — i am a cancer… we grew up together and our parents were friends. But we kept in touch and would meet around family stuff. Then something took hold last Christmas.. I had just undergone an operation and he camp into town..

And then one night on the phone he started talking about fantasies…. He called a few nights later beseeching me to listen. He told me that he had never wanted to be so honest with a woman before and felt in his heart we were meant to be together… that he needed to be with me.. I let him back in…..

I hate the part I played and have lost respect for someone I so much admired at one point that he was my hero. Female cancer here…. He such a caring, take-charge, motivational, and achieved person. Cancer observe folks so they can learn what that person likes…. But I'm insecure and scared of evvvvvverything. Scorpio men will tell you anything you want to hear in the beginning. I'm not having it. I have no use for people with such flippable switches in my life.

Horoscope October Cosmopolitan Pictures Zodiac Capricorn Signs

I see it as an unforgivable personality flaw, a weakness that they can't help even if they have good intentions. You can never get that back from me ever. Oct 1, I'm a Cap and my husband is the Virgo. Things usually are in perfect harmony. When we do fight its emotional as hell and it's me starting it or getting pissed. My hubby doesn't like confrontation at all and will avoid it at all costs. Funny that things have been described the opposite like they don't go good together or the male as to be the Cap. Works for us. I'm a cap he's a Virgo I may have made him cry during an argument! I didn't mean to its just the way it came out!

Sometimes I say what's on mind, I don't think before, I speak! I think about it after! The sex between us is amazing as hell!!! Apr 23, I'm just asking cuz I see you're always groaning someone when they say something about a Capricorn. All of us are not alike. Like I said before, there's rotten apples in all of the zodiac signs. And if you look at it in a different perspective, everyone encompasses all of the zodiac signs , they just came back as a particular one in this life-time in order to see how being a particular sign is like. That's why I don't dog any sign and if there is a bad one, I just leave them by the wayside and move on to the good ones.

Like this passage here is talking about all of the zodiac signs. People take the bible literally and fail to realize that most of the things that's written in there are talking about occult principalities. I go to prepare a place for you. Apr 24, I love virgo men!! Apr 28, I being a virgo woman love the caps! But I haven't been in a committed relationship with em yet. Just talking. I hear it is supposed to be the perfect match though.

The fact that we can't get right makes me never want to fully try and that's probably my bad. May 25, This thread caught my eye based on the title alone and I just gotta share my two cents now. As a female Virgo, I can tell you from personal experience that I'm most intensely drawn to Capricorn males. I first became aware of this in high school and it's been a pattern ever since.

Thus far, I've seen better luck with other signs, but there's simply something enticing about Capricorn's aura. Trust me, I don't actively seek them out, but I'm never surprised when the guy I'm crushin' on happens to be one However, I will not deny that we can certainly be a handul bunch! That being said, I think that as long as our expectations don't overshadow our appreciation for the signicant other, we'll make it more than worth their while kiss:.

Jun 3, Have to update, now that I'm dealing with a Virgo man, I can honestly say I don't see this lasting for long.