December 5 daily horoscope

Today's topic: your daily horoscope for December 5, The Moon finishes out her transit through passionate and powerful Scorpio today.
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And remember that it reflects much better on you if you resist any revenge fantasies and instead resolve to forgive and forget. Life feels complicated today. Relationships could be bogged down in sticky, tricky emotional issues, or maybe your worries are purely internal. Either way, it's hard to see how you'll ever work through it all to the light, happy place you prefer. But you most certainly will -- you can count on that.

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Honesty with yourself is a good place to start. Once you can name your own emotions, you can work on understanding them.


It's easy to get absorbed today in whatever you're doing, whether you're spending time with your family or involved in a project at work. Your focus is deep and the hours fly by. Before you realise it, it's evening -- and you've learned a great deal about yourself, your creativity or some other important aspect of life. What you learn could be complex, but it's also incredibly meaningful to you.

Your ego seems to be in the driver's seat today.

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You might boast about your accomplishments without realising it, which puts others on the defense -- and when they call you out for arrogance, it really hurts your feelings. The best you can do today is not to take anything too personally or too seriously. Try to think of others and their feelings as well as your own, and you'll be fine.

Your keen mind, always adept at analysis, wants to dig deeply into a certain subject today. You feel intellectually and emotionally turned on and tuned in, as if you're lit up from the inside out. Every bit of knowledge you gain translates quickly to an increase in understanding. If you're seeking to understand yourself and your own inner workings, so much the better.

Self-improvement can grow by leaps and bounds now. You feel deeply attached today to the people you love, and you need to connect with them. Time spent with a lover could be very intense. Even your bond with your best friend feels complex and compelling.

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Just don't be surprised if the other person is behaving strangely. Possessive, jealous or controlling behaviour is common right now.

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  • It's up to you to keep yourself emotionally balanced and on equal ground with others. A surge of personal power brings your desires to the fore. They seem more attainable today than usual. It's easy now to get what you want: People are drawn to your charisma. It's as if they're falling under your spell! Maybe you're trying to attract them, or maybe you're just being yourself. Either way, it's working. If you can find an generous application for your newfound power, so much the better. Your lighthearted, optimistic outlook gives way to an awareness of the complexities that lie beneath the surface of a relationship or project.

    Suddenly, it's apparent that things won't be quite as simple as you thought. But are they ever simple? That's what life is all about -- bumps in the road, and how you navigate them. That's where your positive outlook comes in handy.

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    Maintain your self-confidence. You'll get through this just fine. Your ability to focus is incredible today. You've always been hardworking, but today you surprise even yourself as you delve into subjects of interest and make connections you couldn't have made even a day or two ago. You must guard against coming off as a show-off.

    Be humble and polite to everyone, says Ganesha.

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    • Sentimental people will tend to think of you like a little immature. However, your sense of humour will be as robust as ever and you will never fall short of jokes. Ganesha advises you to pursue spiritually enriching activities in order to properly channelise your abilities. In any work that you undertake your vision and ability will be showcased.

      You will have to spend more time at your workplace. Ganesha says you should try and maintain a balance between your work and your family. Long-term, financial security keeps bothering you. And your worries are solved to some extent as unexpected monetary gains are on cards today, predicts Ganesha. And well, it's time for some good news now. You will do so much running around for your work, that you will actually shed a few kilos of weight. Celebrate by treating your taste-buds, but with low-cal food! If you are a student, you will finish up your existing projects and get on with some fresh assignments, foretells Ganesha.

      Don't block your imagination; give yourself some freedom so that you can test your creativity and talent. You don't let yourself fly too high otherwise you may lose the track of reality. Be practical to be successful, assures Ganesha. No matter what field you are in, you will find yourself at an advantageous point, well ahead of your contemporaries. You will be able to complete the task at hand will lesser effort than required. Do not let this translate into arrogance as it may come to haunt you in the future, advises Ganesha.

      The evening will provide for a romantic recluse with your loved one and it will be a pleasurable and energetic day overall. Jai Madaan tells us how to deal and what to do if you feel stuck in a relationship. Watch the video to know more. Follow us on :. When one knows what's in store for them in a particular day, they can always prepare for the future making the most of the opportunities coming their way. Check out the daily astrology prediction for your sign. What to do if you feel stuck in a relationship? How to deal with teenage tantrums?

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